Hi! I’m Holly.

These days, I'm a content strategist with Think Company in Philadelphia.

I have nine years of experience as a writer, editor, designer, and content strategist. I have loved being able to work in a variety of content-related roles in a variety of industries, including museums, magazines, universities, book publishing, and healthcare.

Whatever your organization or project, think of me as a life coach for your content: I'll make sure it's infused with purpose and joy—which will make both you and your audience happier.

If you're wondering, the V.W. in my name stands for Van Woerkom, my maiden name. I'm a California native dwelling in Philadelphia with my urban-designer husband, Dave, and our son. I'm a vegetarian who prefers grilled cheese. I have strong opinions about typography. And I believe in the life-changing magic of tidying up (whether it's digital content or kitchen-counter clutter).